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20 - 40 min
2 - 4

Ganymede is a development and tableau-building game in which players are corporations specialized in sending settlers to colonize the universe. To do so, you will recruit settlers on Earth, use shuttles to transport them to Mars, then to Ganymede where the settlers' ships launch base is located.

The game ends when a player has launched four Settler Ships into space.

How to win?

Players race to complete four Settler Ships. Once a player completes their 4th Settler Ship, players score Victory Points for their completed Ships, their Reputation track and 1 VP for each Settler on their incomplete Ships.

How to play?

On their turn, the active player performs one action from the following three options:

  1. Recruit Settlers by placing a Settle tile on their Player Board

  2. Use a Shuttle card to transport the indicated Settlers from Earth to Mars, then from Mars to Ganymede

  3. Discard from 1 to 3 Settler tiles to perform 1 to 3 Basic Actions


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Ganymede Rulebook

[Rulebook] Ganymede

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